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Film Producer, Director & Editor

H MAN has been editing and directing videos since 2008.

In 2014 he moved into the world of independent film and has 2 movies currently in development & production.

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Concrete Rose (in development)

Life of Tai (in post-production)

H MAN's short film 'Forgotten' (Producer, Director, Writer and Editor)

'Forgotten' (2019) with Owen Llewelyn (Hamlet 2017, The Anomaly 2014 and Killerhertz 2018)

H MAN is the DOP & Editor for 'The But Why Show'; a relationship themed chat show which premiered on The Real Big Chat YouTube channel (2019). The show is now being promoted with it's own channel, social media and plans for a second season.

'The But Why Show' hosted by Tipsy Dee

H MAN is also Editor and DOP to a lot of RBC's videos. Including interviews with Ray J & DJ Lady ST

The Real Big Chat - YouTube Channel

H MAN does the video promotions for Comedy Feast London which features such talents as comedian Kojo, Jahméne Douglas, Dainá, Judi Love, Richard Blackwood, A Dot Comedian, Dizzle the Comedian, White Yardie, Axel Blake

& Slim The Comedian.

​Comedy Feast London

H MAN's music video for Alicia Jordan 'He Kissed me and I Froze' has been featured on BEN TV. He also produced a documentary for Royal Borough of Kingston Upon Thames about young people in care. He directed an original short film for Mike Marlin's album release promo competition in 2011. And produced the official end of year video for Pimlico Secondary School NRA 2007, his last school year.

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His first experiment with making a movie was at 8 years old where he re-created his own Terminator film, using a computer webcam and action figures.

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Filmed in the summer of 1999, using a Logitech USB QuickCam

H MAN's passion and drive for filmmaking has been a large part of his life.


Taking inspiration from the likes of James Cameron, Martin Scorcese & Ridley Scott.

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